Match More Gallery – Review






From a calm invasion by aliens to the texture of a tree and perhaps the surface of the moon, this first exhibition at the new Match More Gallery, Platanias, revealed perceptions that were personal regardless of nationality and training.

The show, with works by foreign artists living in Greece, was intended to compare their approach to that of Greek artists. And it disclosed that art is, in each case, an individual creation, expressing countless moods and insights.

This selection was diverse, with as many mediums as ideas .The representational appeared with a personal impetus and the conceptual emerged with ambiguity and conviction.

Loes Huis In’t Veld created  an Angel with Feathers, combining vague form with definitive feathers; a concept evolving from the figurative to suggesions of abstraction.

Francois L’Hotel used photography on aluminium to convey textural surfaces that might be literal, like the appearance of an uncharted planet, or, alternatively, an enigmatic train of thought.

A section of Francois L’Hotel’s work MK Ground Flo (0)

There was a strong sense of the enigmatic too in Jan Woodward-Lodaki’s rendering in gouache and aquarelle pencil of tree bark, its grain swirling with implications of madness, while Finnish artist Eija Ellinas moved decisively beyond the materially familiar in her intriguing Non-life Studies; forms with biological implications, yet entirely alien – perhaps from one of L’Hotel’s distant planets.

Part of Non-Life Studies by Eija Ellinas

Humour is often apparent. Nick Fedaeff’s Nocturnal Visitors seem affable if weird and Mathew Halpin had a ludicrous pink pig asking “Do I look fat in this dress?”.

Nocturnal Visitors by Nick Fedaeff.

David MacFarlane conveyed countryside at one remove from reality in a striking acrylic of a path above Zourva,  while Tiffany Riley gave beehives a fresh dimension when seen from a height.

There was a move from bold still life with a jug by Claire Allaz-Vourou to a delicate drift of capers in flower by Stephanie Johnson, while “Sophia, Faith, Hope and Love” were figures silk printed on paper by Camuto Kallan. They might be refugees seeking sanctuary.

Still Life with Jug by Claire Allaz-Vourou

This  gallery is part of the Match More Restaurant, opposite the Minoa Palace Hotel in Platanias and this comprehensive selection of contemporary work,  wascurated by Ioannis Arhontakis and Constantinos Early,