Self-Discovery Through Colour Composition

Does the weight of a sad event cast a shadow on your life? Do you long for a means of self expression that will release anger and sadness and help you to heal? If so you may benefit from my new workshop which uses colour to help define emotions as well as creating compositions you can frame.

There is a theory that colours represent qualities and moods, from wisdom and optimism to grief and despair.I do not agree that this is necessarily the case, yet I can see how colours may be used as an insight into a state of mind and as an illustration of aims and desires.

So I give you a colour wheel with a note of what each shade is said to symbolise and with paint, charcoal and collage you create an abstract composition, using the colours and images that express your state of mind.

We analyse this and make a second work, using colours and collage again to express how you would like to feel and what you would like to achieve. So you will have two pictures to frame, hang and contemplate at leisure.

All materials are free and the workshop is held at  my studio: “Sea Songs” in Maleme Platanias. If you are interested, contact me on 694 624 7837 (mobile), or 28210 62913 or email:


Emotions using symbolic colours from the colour wheel.


A second work with colours expressing wishes and aims.

img_1565The Colour Wheel whose shades may be used to express emotions


MANDALA is an optional extension of SELF DISCOVERY THROUGH  COLOUR COMPOSITION. Sanskrit for “circle” or “completion”, the classic mandala is a circle with a centre echoing the basic structure of all creation.

We can use it as psychologist Carl Jung suggested, as ” a representation of the unconscious self.”

Used principally by Buddhists, Tibetans and Hindus, it is now a universal symbol and a unique means of personal expression. The structure is found throughout nature and in biology, chemistry, geology, physics and astronomy.

Every living cell has a nucleus. It is a circle with a centre. Consider flowers, the rings in tree trunks, spirals on a snail shell. Even crystals in ice and rock. Made of atoms, each atom is a mandala.

We draw a simple circle with a centre and with or without more circles inside. Then add an instinctive design or image and colour with shades expressing your current feelings.

Afterwards note the colours used, including those that appeared least. Look at the images and shapes and take note of hard or soft lines, jagged or smooth edges and any high contrasts.

Write down in detail the feelings or memories that the colours and shapes suggest. You should have an insight then into your emotions when you created the mandala.

lily-mandala-3Lily mandala