Workshops by the Sea

I have six two-hour workshops using diverse mediums which are enjoyed in the garden of the Mistral, a hotel for singles in Maleme, where I live in Western Crete, and at “Sea Songs”, my studio at the other end of the village. Students do not need to have previously painted; the process is simple and enjoyable, using charcoal, watercolour, pen and collage. All materials are provided.

Below is a description of two workshops. If you would like to explore more, please click the links on the sidebar to the right, or those at the bottom of this page.


This workshop is inspired by the Great Goddess, once worshipped in Crete, and includes ­her flora and fauna. The ancient Earth Goddess was not unique to Crete but she certainly played a major part on the island two thousand years ago.

Minoan records reveal her or her priestessses worshipped as an integral part of nature . She motivated man for many years before she was ousted by patriarchies.

At Knossos on Crete the broken statue of a Great Goddess was found in the labyrinth. Perhaps – before the minotaur took up residence – there was a ritual of worshippers dancing their way through the maze, seeking ecstatic and symbolic re-entry into the cosmic womb of the earth mother.

A Pelasgian creation myth came towards the end of the full matriarchy, with a vivid insight into ancient belief:

“­In the beginning Euronyme, the goddess of all things, rose naked from chaos but found nothing substantial for her feet to rest upon, and therefore divided the sea from the sky, dancing lonely upon the waves. She danced towards the south and the wind set in motion behind her seemed as something new and apart with which to begin the work of creation. Wheeling about she caught hold of this north wind, rubbed it between her hands and behold! The great serpent Ophion. Euronyme danced wildly to warm herself, until Ophion, grown lustful, coiled about her limbs and was moved to couple with her. And she was with child!”

Life must have been dark with fear and superstition, yet was lived because of this, in hopeful harmony with nature.

jewel goddess

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Crane –  watercolour, fibre pen, pearl painted quartz stones by Linda Talbot

From seashells and beads to teeth and typewriter keys, mosaics have materialised from fragments of every kind. They have reflected heaven and hell and  beautified  the pergatory that is the common lot. They have pushed imaginative bounds and enhanced the commonplace and they can be made by anyone.

The craft is at least 4,000 years old and originated in Mesopotamia with  coloured stones and pieces of glass. The first glazed mosaic tiles were found in Susa, now Iran and made around 1,500 BC. The craft moved to Macedonia, Carthage and Rome.

The 5th and 6th century mosaics of Ravenna are breathtaking, the remains of the Madaba Map in Jordan from the 6th century, depicting Jerusalem, are stunning and Antoni Gaudi transformed the Parc Guell, among other places in Barcelona with dazzling trails of fearless fantasy.

Try your hand at this absorbing art that is not only the means of expressing worldly and unearthly ideas but of discovering the potential and substance of countless everyday materials.

Come to COLOUR INTO COLLAGE WITH MAGICAL MOSAICS, the workshop I shall run from May to October in 2020  at the MISTRAL HOTEL, MALEME from 11am to 1pm every Sunday or at SEA SONGS, my studio, at any other time to suit, at the other end of the village. Book with receptionist Donna if you wish to do this at the Mistral or ring me (694 624 7837) if you prefer to come to my studio. All materials are provided ( and lunch if you are at the studio).

Before we tackle mosaics, I introduce you to how colour can create your basic image and be turned into collage. Colouring is more than child’s play. It is a complementary and juxtoposed technique in mediums from watercolour – particularly effective as a background wash – to highlights of fibre and glitter pens and the muted effect of charcoal. I have a choice of imagery from six countries.

To fill space, there is hatching, cross hatching, flat areas of colour, the use of tiny dots, reminiscent of “pointillism” and the massing of decorative detail. In our case ample space must be left, as we shall continue with the addition of mosaics.

You may choose to join me the day before the workshop, gathering small stones from Maleme beach as these have a magical effect when pearl-painted. Otherwise I can provide them with other suitable elements.  And you will go home with a colourful new craft to develop and enjoy.